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Help with finding information

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    I usually browse through PF for information concerning mind and brain sciences, sociology, (feel free to correct my spelling) philosophy and many other things, but am I allowed to ask where I could find help concerning something that is not.. Entirely believed in? I do have a mental balance issue which I resolve with medication but I've always been prone to paranormal type things, long before I discovered my mental illness. What I'm asking is, is there either another (active)forum where I could pose my questions about these things, or is there an area in PF where I could ask? They're psychosis, bi polar disorder, as well as psychic related questions but I don't know where to go to ask these questions.

    -edit- I mentioned the disabilities because it's most often believed that people with these disabilities experience these things because of their disabilities. Therefore deducting more credibility from my case. What I wish to discuss, though, has less to do with what I experience, rather it's damaging effects ie: episodes
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    it sounds that medical/psychiatry forum, rather than a physics forum, would be a better choice for you
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    it's not psychiatry I seek though, nor truly medical advice. The question is, more or less, where could I pose questions concerning psychic events?

    -edit- also, do you know of any active forums like that? I'd love to read about it
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    punch in 'psychic' and 'forum' in a search engine --you'll probably get a few hits---
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    I've done that many times, that's why I'm asking here lol
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    Hey, well, they got a new one up since I last checked, thanks man
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    Yeah exactly the one I'm going to try out, thank you man. I've searched quite frequently for a decent, active forum and today's the first time I've seen that. Sorry, and thank you
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    no problem and good luck
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    One thing you might be interested in, is the research by Dr Ramachandran. There is a lot of work he does concerning religious experiences in those with temporal lobe epilepsy and he can reproduce experiences in those without the condition using magnetcic fields. I don't know of any forums that discuss that directly but just thought it might be food for thought.
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