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Help with Microelectronic Circuit Book

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    What makes Microelectronic Circuits by Sedra/Smith the standard in academia? Before heading to buy any text, I would like to verify with all experts their thought son certain books, what makes it special over other books, on what basis almost all EE universities use this text?
    Is it more about analysis or design/synthesis? I assess books using the following criteria:

    1 - Details
    2 - Level of rigor
    3 - Content
    4 - Presentation/Style

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    Sedra and Smith is used primarily because it is comprehensive, focuses on the fundamentals, is largely error free at this point, and is pedagogically sound. If you get through that book, you are in good shape to understand more advanced texts in other areas.

    I would be cautious when wanting "rigor" in an electronics textbook. It is possible to get intractably difficult equations out of surprisingly simple circuits. The reason people consider analog design an "art" is because success in designing analog circuits is largely knowing when to make approximations. That is, you want to work at the simplest possible level whenever you can. To paraphrase Einstein, "Keep your analysis as simple as possible. But no simpler."

    Synthesis is impossible until you have a reasonable grasp of analysis. This is because synthesizing an analog circuit in practice involves rapidly analyzing a large number of simple circuits and zero-ing on the most promising. We use simulators to do the exact simulations of circuits; trying to do an exactly analysis of anything more than a trivial circuit will get you nowhere.

    Once you get the basics under your belt (and Sedra and Smith is great for that), a good introduction to circuit synthesis (for integrated circuits) is Johns and Martin "Analog Integrated Circuit Design".

    Also, I strongly suggest you save yourself a lot of money and get an older edition of Sedra and Smith. Textbook manufacturers routinely make trivial changes to textbooks just to disrupt the used textbook market. Sedra and Smith is currently on its 6th edition. You can get the 4th edition for $7 and the 5th edition for $15 right now on Amazon.
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