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Help With Thermodynamic Proof

  1. Nov 9, 2009 #1
    Can Anyone Show Me the Steps to solving for these equalities; the proofs for them as it were:

    Prove that, (dT/dP)s=TV((alpha)p/Cp)

    and, Cp/Cv=Kt/Ks=gamma

    and, Cp(Kt-Ks)= TV((alpha)p)^2

    (alpha)p = coefficiant of thermal expansion, Kt= isothermal compressibility, Ks= adiabatic compressibility. (dx/dy)z means that z is held constant, like s in the first equation (dT/dP)s

    Im really lost here and would really appreciate it if anyone could show me the steps to prove any or all three of the above equalities. Thank You
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    Hi thekenw, welcome to PF. The partial derivative identity

    [tex]\left(\frac{\partial x}{\partial y}\right)_z=-\left(\frac{\partial y}{\partial z}\right)^{-1}_x \left(\frac{\partial z}{\partial x}\right)^{-1}_y[/tex]

    might come in handy here.
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