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Hi. I'm Jess.. Crazy/Genius (neither proven)

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    I'm not used to introductions.

    Fortunately, there are places I can go, like this, to find people who can understand what I understand.

    I'm seemingly self-centered, but i'm thinking for my whole huge family, while they slave away for money they don't honestly need. They don't have time to think much. I have too much time to think and have too many thoughts just drift away. They don't want to talk with me about things they would have to think about. So, i'm here.

    Hello all. (o:
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    Welcome to PF!

    What brought you to this website?
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    One of the most unusual introductions I've seen Jess - but we're all here for different reasons, and for the same reason as well; so welcome.
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    Welcome to the forum
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    I have been looking into the flat earth debate for about 2 weeks, now. I didn't even know about that debate before then. My mind is blown.

    I have pictures I took last year, which I can't explain. I was hoping someone else could.
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    Thank you.
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