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High Emissivity Paint for Aluminium Surface

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    I am making a furnace....which uses Aluminium material. Does anyone knows a paint which can be used for applying on Aluminium Surface and which works upto 500 degree Celsius and has high emissivity.
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    You are making a furnace out of metal? An insulating firebrick or ceramic is the usual choice for high temperatures.
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    An aluminum furnace that has a heat-source that can overshoot is in danger of self-destructing/melting. It would be far more prudent to construct the walls with cast iron or sheet steel, and line the firebox with firebrick or ceramic, as marcusl suggests. Muffle-furnaces (high-temp boxes for lab-use) are not made out of aluminum for good reason. A properly lined iron or steel furnace will resist deformation and will last for many years.
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    The furnace I am making is for low temperature applications ....I am going to use it below 500 Degrees Celsius
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