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High energy organic comounds.

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    Is there any particular reason other than "law of nature" for us to consume organic compounds which are high energy compounds. Are inorganic compounds not so energy rich like organic compounds? What are the reasons?

    I couldn't really figure out where to post this question, in bio or chem.
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    Consuming food molecules serves two purposes: 1) for use in generating energy and 2) to provide raw material for building cellular components. Organic compounds are able to serve both purposes, while inorganic compounds would not be able to help as much in creating cellular components.

    That said, there are organisms, known as chemolithotrophs, that metabolize inorganic substances such as iron, ammonia, sulfur, and hydrogen, to produce energy.
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    why is it so?
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    Carbon is the only element known to be capable of forming the type of complex molecules required for life. This has to do with its propensity to form four covalent bonds when it is in compounds.
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    You're "trying to get into medical school" and you don't understand why the body doesn't process inorganic material? What do you think makes up the macromolecules in our body? We're carbon based. Every molecule in our body is carbon based. We can't magically transmute sulfur, for example, into something we can use.
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