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High heat high inpact insulator infomation wanted

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    I would like to find an insulator that can work in high heat and take a beating. A strong metal would be nice. It will be taking a beating and it will have to hold the copper in it form or the copper will flattened out
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    Aren't metals usually conductive?
    Silicon rubber is great stuff.
    Fiberglass can take a lot of heat.
    What are you trying to do?
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    Sorry for the delay
    Yes but what I would like is a metal tube coated with rust on the outside and a good conductor on the inside. Copper is too soft and flattened out in a few minutes. The insulation breaks as well

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    As Carl points out, metals are generally conductive. There might be some coating that could be applied to the metal shape that would be non-conductive (up to some voltage).

    Can you list your specifications for this application? What breakdown voltage (or breakdown electric field, since the thickness may not be specified)? Can you define "tough" and "beating"? Is it a compressive load only, or is there a rubbing/frictional action too that it needs to stand up against? What are the shapes of the objects that come in contact with each other?
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    The max voltage would be no higher then 80 volts. The curent could go as high as a 2000 amp pulse of about 100th of a second and about 20 a second. These are not fixed the lower the voltage and the higher the curent the better.
    This unit is going to be like a car hitting a brick wall 20 times a second the copper is going to be beat and flatened. It will also be under high g force. It's like a RAM gun thats 2" long.
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