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High redshift galaxies in the HUDF

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    In the Hubble Ultra Deep Field ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hubble_Ultra-Deep_Field ) there are almost 10.000 galaxies and some of them with redshift Z>6 . Making some approximations i need to compute the number of galaxies with redshift z = 7.

    If the source density ( number / arcmin^2 ) at z=7 is given by,

    [tex] \Sigma( > SFR ) = 10 ( SFR )^{-2.1} [/tex]

    and the relation between star formation rate and the rest frame UV luminosity is given by,

    [tex] SFR = 1.4 10^{-28} L_{UV}[/tex]

    The relation between luminosity and flux density is,

    [tex] f_v =\frac{L_v (1+z)}{4 \pi d_l^2} [/tex]

    and finally the minimum luminosity observed for an exposure time for a given filter is given

    [tex] f = f_1 t_{exp}^{-1/2} [/tex]

    Given that information how can i design a survey that is targeting 100 galaxies with redshift z=7 and how could i minimize the exposure time , by taking single band imaging of the rest frame UV. Any ideas ?
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    help please??
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