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High voltage charge & same polarity on two concentric rings

  1. Feb 16, 2016 #1
    I have a charged ring with a high voltage potential.

    As I see it the charges repel from each other and so position themselves around the outside of the ring.

    I want to push the charge to the inside surface of the ring and so I envisioned a 2nd ring positioned concentrically just outside this ring, with the same polarity at equal or higher potential, to push the charge on the inner ring to the inside of it. Seems like it would work but will it really?
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    It seems like it should work. What is the application?
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    To maximize the forces inside the ring for positioning of a contained field and reducing the diameter of it without having to increase the voltage potential (eeking out a bit more from what's there rather than have to increase the voltage)
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