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Holographic Universe

  1. Mar 18, 2015 #1
    I saw some videos about the Holographic Universe and I found a big problem, has some people (non-physicists) that create videos saying the Holographic Universe is created by our brain (to hold religious beliefs), they say that people, objects, etc are made of waves and frequencies (sounds)...and translated by our brain in holographic projections, I know this is totally retarded, you guys know some way to get it out of my head? Any mathematical model that proves that this is a lie? because now I have difficulty accepting the solid matter, I keep thinking all the time that is my brain that creates a holographic projection.
    [I know that this is BS, like, how the camera works then? Or what my brain is made of if he is creating the holographic world around me? But I wanna know if there's a mathematical model that proves that's BS..
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    Since the scenario you describe is unscientific, and the persons promoting it are not scientists, there is no need to provide a scientific counter argument.
    There exists no evidence which supports the proposal in the first place , so equally you can dismiss it without evidence.

    If somebody tells you that he has conversations with fairies you don't need to disprove it since you haven't been given any reason to believe that claim.
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    Your worry over nothing. These videos have no doubt butchered what the holographic principle is about. It certainly doesn't say that our brain creates anything. You don't need to search around for something that debunks these videos, they debunk themselves by taking a scientific theory and using it without any idea how to use it. Or, if you prefer, you can say that the holographic principle itself debunks their videos.

    If you'd like to know more about the holographic principle you can see the wiki article, but since we don't usually allow discussions aimed at debunking bad science this thread will remain locked. Just keep in mind that the holographic principle is purely theoretical. There is little evidence at this time suggesting it is true.
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