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Home-made generator

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    hey i want to create a simple working generator that can be used to produce electricity so that i can operate a small fan and a bulb. power produced should preferably be ac in nature but dc can also be made to work.

    i just wanted to know how much powerful and what size of a magnet is required to fulfill the criteria ??? and also the rpm of the generator needed be produced .
    can anybody help..?
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    Welcome to the PF.

    What research and reading have you done on your own so far?
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    What source of energy were you planning to use to operate it? Hand crank? Wind? Water? Hamster wheel (my favourite)?
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    i just wanted to know these facts so that i can get my head straight and i have ample data before i really dive into this project...
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    Nowadays, the magnets you can buy cheaply are really impressive. It will be easy to produce a strong enough field if you can make yourself a reasonable 'yoke' to rotate your coil in. Have you found information about the basic design of a generator? If you do not specifically need DC (and your applications don't) then and alternator (AC) is the easiest to make.
    We like to help but I don't think anyone here will provide you with an actual design so, as berkeman has asked, what do you know so far? Which sources have you used? Spoon feeding is not in our nature - it's not good for you. :smile:
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    Perhaps just try using a small DC motor as a generator first.
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    You could study the design of automotive alternators. A typical alternator produces 3 or 4 phase AC which is converted to DC internal to the unit. Typical DC outputs are 100 - 150 amperes at 13 - 15 volts
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