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How are the anti-quarks formed

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    anti-matter is formed because anti-quark is formed ...

    i went down to cern last week and asked them how do they make anti-protons, the guy explained that its made by colliding two protons.... tho he did explain, but i didnt understand him fully, he said something abt anti-quarks.... can some one please explain to me how anti-quarks are made.... not jus sayin.... by colliding two normal particle.... if normal particle e.g proton has three quarks... when 6 of these quarks collide with high energy, what is the exact process of these quarks turning into anti-quarks....

    thank you
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    The production of matter from collisions between particles has more to do with the total energy of the collision and less to do with which actual particles are being collided. For example, colliding two protons together at 1 GeV generates MORE matter than just two protons. You could have multiple protons, anti-protons, neutrons, electrons and other bosons, etc. All that as to happen is that the energy, mass, and other properties are conserved in the end. None of the original particles are "turned" into other particles. The originals are simply gone. I guess you could say that the originals are turned into energy, but I'm unsure what is most accurate.
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