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How can i block the sound outdoor ?

  1. Dec 9, 2012 #1
    first of all sorry for my bad english.
    i know i need to improve it :)
    now, lets talk aobout my question. You know there is a few ways to block sound indoor with sponge or some materials.
    i searched on internet but i coulndt find anything to block sound outdoor.
    i have a project and i need to know how to block sound outdoor.
    do you have any idea ?
    thx all of u.
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    ghalimoglu, Welcome to Physics Forums!

    Don't worry about your English. Even with spelling mistakes and grammatical errors, what is important is that you communicate accurately.

    Your question how to "block sound outdoor" is difficult for me to understand. Will you please explain your project in more detail? Describe exactly your conditions and your objectives. Thank you.

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    hi there,
    welcome to PF :)

    give us a lot more info please

    what sort of sound ( frequency range)?,
    from what type of source?
    what are you trying to protect from this sound?
    is there any level of the sound that is acceptable ?

    there's a few Q's for you to answer initially

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    thank u daven and bobby for you concern

    what sort of sound ( frequency range)?

    i dont know the frequency range but just think you're in disco or pub and you're listining loud music.

    what are you trying to protect from this sound?

    i wanna block the music outdoor places. ( disco or pub )
    you know there's some rules for pub's or disco's. they have to turn off the the music after night.
    not the disturb people.
    so if i can block thw sound of these places they dont have to turn off their music after night.

    i ll tell u about my project.

    last summer while i was pub they stoped the music in 3 pm. so i told them why did you turned it off?
    they asked, cuz of rules.
    than i thinked about it if i block the sound in this kind of placeses they dont have to turnd the music off.
    now its my purpose..

    i searceh it theres some ways to block in room but theres is no way to block it in outdoor placeses.


    for example i wanna block the sound in this garden.
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    OK, now that we know a bit more :)

    if the music source is outdoors, then there's not much you can do to stop it travelling out from an area. It could easily propagate a number of kilometres

    In my country of Australia, the are local council laws governing the loudness of sound levels from club/pub bands and discos. Depending on the location of the club etc eg residential, commercial or industrial the maximum level they are allowed varies anything from ~ 90 to 105dB. Some have an additional restriction that the level has to decrease by another 5dB after a certain time at nite.

    I actually build calibrated sound monitors for this purpose :) They will cut the power to the band or disco equip when the allowable limit is reached for a given period of time.
    then the power is restored after a few seconds. the DJ or band dont like their gear switching on and off all the time so they get the message pretty quickly to "tone it down" haha

    I have used these units in outdoor settings a few times, but short of permanently cutting the power, there isnt really much you can do to stop the sound propagating quite some distance

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  8. Dec 10, 2012 #7
    thnx for the answers.
    @dave your solution is great but i can't do it in my country. :) actually, its temporal solution for me. even so thn u for you concern.

    solution in two languages :)

    by the way
    as you know sounds need a environment to move in the air.
    so if i can make airless place then i can stop the sound.
    but there's no way to do it
    if i do , it wouldnt be outdoor :))

    i'll keep go to search it.
    if i found sth i'll apprise both of u ;)

    thnk u again chav.
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