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How can I connect an aux to a cd changer?

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    Good day,

    I found an old car radio (Panasonic) that has at the back a 8 pin din port and a rca input (cd-in) I want to connect aux to the rca's but it did not work. I've surfed the web and figured out that the cd changer plug must be power in order for the radio to pick up the rca's. I do not have any idea what to do. Any help?

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    Hi and welcome to PF.

    If you search the web for a repair / user manual for the receiver, you may be lucky enough to find a circuit diagram which would tell you the pin connections of the connector. Failing that, you would need to look at the circuit board that the white connector fits and look for 'clues' as to what pin does what. It would be unlikely that anyone could tell you the right connections from that picture, alone, I'm afraid.
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    Isn't there anyway I can test the pins? Sorry I do not really know a lot of these things.
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    The problem is that, unless you know what you are doing, you could just damage the circuit - they are not designed for that sort of tampering. If you have a DMM you could test for continuity between the pins on the two connectors - but I don't think that would help you. You are interested in the connections between the Audio Socket and the actual circuit board. Mending stuff is much harder than understanding and building simple circuits. It's a knack and people earn their livings that way.
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    jim hardy

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    Mr Centaur is right. You need to find somebody who's done it before.

    Crutchfield used to sell a Panasonic 8pin DIN adapter for Panasonic equipped volkswagens
    but it was $49 and twice that will buy a whole radio
    they might have the pinout , i'd email them the radio model number and see if they reply

    but your best bet for getting help will be car audio forums.

    i've no idea if this is close, take a look at the page and see if it's your model number.
    http://elsegra.com/Car pinouts/CD CHANGERS.htm

    or this


    Train your search engine - it notes what links you visit, so as you frequent increasingly technical pages it'll offer you better ones.
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