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B How can I do Astronomy from home?

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    I just graduated high school and have quite a bit of free time. Since a lot of Astronomy today is done via computers, I was wondering if I can analyze data and contribute to the field of Astronomy by sitting at home, somehow, if possible. I've searched around and gotten sites like this: http://www.worldwidetelescope.org/webclient/, but not super sure how this will lead to my contributing something to Astronomy.
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    The are plenty of citizen science opportunities for an amateur, home astronomer. You can comb the skies for comets, NEO's, and newborn supernova, track the brightness of innumerable variable stars. There are even outreach programs that recruit interested amateurs to filter data from massive databases - like SETI at home does. There is a lot of sky up there and not enough professional grade observatory [or computer] time to keep track of all of it.
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    Here are a few more links to check out:
    • CosmoQuest - Map the surfaces of rocky worlds and explore the atmospheres of planets and small bodies throughout the solar system.
    • Zooniverse: Astronomy - Several astronomy projects, including Comet Hunters, Planet Hunters, Sun Spotter, and Galaxy Zoo. Zooniverse members have been responsible for identifying several transiting exoplanets, and a whole new class of galaxy (Pea Galaxy), for which they are given full credit for their discoveries.
    • Slooh Telescope - Similar to World Wide Telescope, Slooh is a robotic telescope at the Canary Islands Observatory that you can control, take photos and share them. They also have live feeds of special astronomical events.
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    Thank you much everyone for all the links, truly appreciate it. If you have more links, please feel free to share, you all just made my month! :)
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