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How can improve voltage quality?

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    How can increase the Voltage from 185 Volt AC to normal Voltage range (230 V AC) for my house as in the evening time i m suffering from this problem.

    does capacitor help? and i don't want to installed the Voltage stabilizer.
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    No, you can't connect capacitor to improve the voltage.
    You must use a voltage stabilizer.
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    jim hardy

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    I'd suggest call power company and have them check the taps on your transformer.

    If it were a bad connection something should be smoking.

    They need to be aware of such drastic sag and correct it.
    You can burn up induction motors from low voltage. At 185/230 they'll only make 2/3 torque so may not start.
    Advise wife dont run her washing machine when voltage is that low.
    And keep an ear on your fridge - if it hums and clicks and doesnt start unplug it till voltage comes back..
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