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How can teeth be bent without contact forces

  1. Jul 3, 2014 #1
    Hi, so by no doubt you came here because of the bold phrase of the question.
    So to clear things up, this is a serious question,an no ido not believe in supranomral mind powers. This is a pragmatic question, and I am not a delusional person trying to get attention. it concerns my teeth which have been caving in for the past ten years.

    My lower teeth and jaw has been getting narrower and narrower, almost caving in towards the tongue on either side.

    Ok so here is what my question is:
    For the past ten years, due to anxiety my top right and left teeth been exerting what i think is pressure on my lower teeth. I do not grind or physically push the upper push on the lower teeth.
    I have this "tic", its a nervous tic, where i push the upper incisors on the lower ones and i feel the pressure on the lower teeth, and a clicking sound as the teeth are being exerted on. over the years i must have done this thousands of times, and the effects are indisputable.

    This is not imagjnative or paranoic, my teeth have actually bent over the years. I know this is real because my lower teeth are so close go my tongue in either side thag they make it cumbersome for it to be there; my old retainer doesnt fit and show a much wider jaw and teeth areangement (even my bone has been bent after thiusands of these tics), and my metal retainer inside my mouth that is keeping my front teeth straight is obviously visibly bent, like a bent crowbar. My cheeks have caved allt and my lips are wrinkly because they do not have the same jawline. So this is not fiction.

    Now what im asking is how could this happen. Ive researched noncontact forces and came up with: electricity, gravity and magnetism. Now can i assume that there is some field in between the jaws, i dont think thats eer been recorded and i am not out to be the first. How about stress or strain, can it exist through the air. I sure do feel it in my mouth as it is happening. I dont know what to think, i mean the whole mind spoon bending phenomenon is obviously a farce, so what i'm asking is what is happening to me.

    If you need proof i can send you photos of before and after. all i need is your educated advice, so please help me.
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    If I had to guess (and this is a complete guess) I would say that most teeth-grinding occurs during people's sleep.

    Just because you're not consciously aware of it, doesn't mean it is necessarily not contact force.

    As far as advice, I would definitely contact a dentist (most people on this site are not going to be able to help as much as a dentist could).
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