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Homework Help: How can u tell if somthing is in series or parallel?

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    Hello everyone, i'm having troubles finding a system to figure out if the circuit is in series or parellel. I knew how to do it with capacitors, but with resistors it throws me off...here is the picture:
    I thought #1 was in series, because the current postive pole hits the resistors + to -, then it hits the other resistor in the same way.
    #2. it seems to be in parellel because it doesn't fallow that pattern
    #3. it also seems to be parellel because it doesn't fallow that patern exactly? ANy ehlp wold be great
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    Well parallel just means the electricity has more then 1 path to take so just start at a terminal and figure out if theres more then 1 path you can take to the other terminal
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    ohhh, thank u soo much it worked perfectly!! simple concept too :)
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