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How do change in magnetic flux induces emf in a coil ?

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    According to Faraday's laws... change in magnetic flux linking a coil induces current in the coil.., but for conduction of electrons ...there must be an electric field !! how is the electric field induced in the coil??
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    not true …

    for example, an electron moving in and perpendicular to a purely magnetic field will move in a circle at constant speed …

    (and if it moved through an electric field, it would do work and either lose or gain energy, but here it doesn't)
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    The curl of the electric field is equal to the negative of the change in the magnetic field with respect to time. Take a look at Maxwell's equations. So, when there is a changing magnetic field (which we have in this case), an electric field is induced which drives the electrons around the coil.
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