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How do I connect those wires?(pic included)!

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    I got my new motor, it's from some random brand, and It seems like I have to stick the wires to the connections myself. So I am presented with 3 copper junctions, plain wires and 3 shrink tubes. I was wondering if I am supposed to solder the wires to the copper junction, then shrink the tube around that but what seems the most straight forward is that there is a cross in the copper junction and I was,

    wondering if I am supposed to stick the wires inside this cross, without any soldering, then shrink the heat shrink tube around that area. How do I assemble this simple looking connection?

    EDIT: Seriously though, these junctions don't make sense, I can't just stick the wires in this tiny spaced cross there, and I know the other hole is to accept inputs, I guess I just solder this into oblivion?

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    The end of the metal plugs with the cross are meant to be pushed into holes somewhere -- they look very similar to "banana jack" plugs. You put the heat shrink tubing over a wire and push it back far enough that it won't be heated by soldering the end of the wire. Then put the end of the wire in the open "cup-like" end of the plug. Solder it in the cup, let it cool, then put the heat shrink over the cup end plus the wire and shrink it with a heat gun (or a lighter).

    What does the motor look like? Where are you meant to plug in these connectors?
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    Some examples:

    RCA DT92CWB Banana Plug Connector (males):



    5.5mm CopterX Banana Plug (male):

    http://www.ehirobo.com/shop/images/products/CX-PLUG-BANANA-5-5MM-M_01.jpg [Broken]

    http://www.ehirobo.com/shop/images/products/CX-PLUG-BANANA-5-5MM-M_01.jpg [Broken]

    3.5mm Connector (male and female):


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    Thanks I've already done just that(ended up figuring it out from pictures of other motors). I bought the motor for cheap (12 dollars). It's a normal motor with a propeller, I'm working on a DIY project from scratch (a drone). This motor is just for expermineting and testing transistors, radio control etcetera. It's a brushless motor.

    http://www.thanksbuyer.com/image/cache/data/sku-20885-1-600x600.jpg [Broken] a picture of said motor.
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