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How do I organize myself?

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    I am in my opinion the most disorganized person of the world, i don't use any binders, if i get papers from teachers, I stick them into my pocket :redface: and most likely lose them along with much needed points.. But this year I have gone on a loosing spree, first I lost my TI-83, yesterday I lost my TI-86 calculator, I don't know how they disappeared, I had them in my hands and then two minutes later I look at my hands and they are not there.. :eek: I am going to end up in utter poverty if I continue like this.. :frown:
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    What were you doing? Walking or sitting?
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    I don't remember, I suppose I must have been day dreaming as usual, but I was walking with them and then I entered some room and then went into my class and when I looked around my things (books, calculator, papers) had disappeared..
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    you lost them because TI is the anti-christ. what you need is a Hp 49g+, not TI whatever. however, i really can't solve your other problims

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    what you need is a scientific calculator :)
    cheap so it doesn't matter if you lose it really and it works just as well as a graphics.
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    but the problem here is whatever I have I lose, because I always forget where I put my things.. I think I am going to use a permanent marker to scribble on my hands where I put my stuff.. Note to me: pants are on legs, hands are attached to arm..
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    Have you considered tying both of your calculators to an elastic cord and running it through your jacket sleeves like your mamma used to do with your mittens?
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    It still isn't clear to me what happened. You are now saying that they were in a room, you left, came back and they were gone?
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    Well, darn, as I started reading, I was thinking all we needed to suggest were for you to get some proper binders and a backpack with compartments for stuff to get yourself organized, but as I read further, I realized that would just mean you'd lose the whole binder and backpack. :bugeye: That's not being disorganized, that's having your head in the clouds. :wink: Short of covering your jacket with velcro and another square of velcro on the back of every object your prone to lose, and then velcro-ing everything to your body, I'm not really sure how to help on this one. I guess you could just make sure everything has your name and phone number on it so people can return your stuff to you when they find it, and then hope it's found by honest people.
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    All you need after that is to toss him into the sheep pen for the perfect orgy.
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    Are you sure someone is not stealing your stuff?

    I use a backpack with loose folders and keep the folders in the backpack. 1 folder per class. I also keep a single pad of paper for notes, that I can tear off in loose sheets. When I want to store something I just stick it in a folder. Minimal fuss and I generally have everything. Also, I habitually check every area I get up from to make sure I'm not leaving anything behind.
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    Spot on!

    I lost my treasured £5 Sharp yesterday on the way to an exam. I just went to my admin office, and they gave me a new one!
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