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How do you choose a thread? (misleading?)

  1. Mar 30, 2003 #1
    This is noway much of Philosophy but a question of your way in making (possibly) minor choices but isn't that the heart of Philosophy?

    You log into PF, come to PF-Philosophy and see a set of new threads all open for discussion or you see someone has made a new post in some thread you'd said something in.

    What makes you choose a certain thread out of this many?

    PS: A poll doesn't suffice because I expect the answers to come in a very broad range.
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    I usually read new posts on threads in which I have recently contributed - it's always nice to get feedback. :wink:

    As for threads I haven't seen before - I try to read at least the first post of all of them if I have time (which never seems to be the case). So I give priority to threads with topic lines that grab my attention/interest, as well as the number of current reply posts.
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    yep, i read anything too; when i have time anyway. other times i just come back to continue discussions i have already taken part in. today i have time obviously. :wink:
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    ..in threads, i try to find those that bear a concept, not that turn around well-sounding keywords without deeper consideration or don't come to a point.
    ..i like threads, the author invested a great deal of his OWN view and thoughts or 'thought-work', not turning given 'book-knowledge' through the laundry drum.
    ..but it's difficult and often not possible, to tell one from the other.
    ..i rather avoid threads with "sense of life" or the like in the title.
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    i choose by the title, especially if it is something i have put a lot of thought into on a personal basis...
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    Actually, I think it really is a decent philosophy question.

    I used to avoid certain titles, but eventually reality slapped me in the face again. Never judge a thread or a book by its cover, unless you are already familiar with the author's work. After checking what's inside the cover, often I just let it stew in the back of my mind for awhile.

    There are only two major considerations for me:

    1) Does the thread possibly relate to the ongoing development of my personal philosophy?

    2) Does it possibly threaten to significantly lower the scholarly standards and prosperity of the philosophy bulletin board?

    Both are really one and the same thing to me.
  8. Mar 31, 2003 #7
    So you are saying that stuff that relate to your ongoing philosophical development is stuff that will lower to standards of PF??
  9. Mar 31, 2003 #8
    i think he means he is making a conscious effort so that we might avoid such issues. at least i hope that is what he means.
  10. Mar 31, 2003 #9
    Some of it most definitely. Humor is not a scholarly standard, but is very important to my personal philosophy. :0)

    Oh no, I love a good joke. Its the bad ones that get to me.
  11. Apr 3, 2003 #10
    My first priority are those threads in which I've said something. I check them first lest something obscene about me happens in there .
    When I want to choose a thread for the first time, the title is really effective. For example, roeighty had opened a thread with the title "blacksheet of beyond" and you should know by now how fond of "beyond" I am (don't you know? you've missed much in that case:wink:).
    After the title, the first post on the thread is really important.
  12. Apr 3, 2003 #11
    1st I check on threads I've started
    2nd Check for threads that are questions I might know the answer to or things I feel I might provide some input to.
    3rd scan for interesting subjects

    This doesn't really apply specifically to the philosophy section. I haven't actually started a thread in PF3 Philosophy. I've been spending more time in the General, technology and Other sciences sections rather than Theory development which I haunted most in PF2.

    Not sure why.

    Raavin [?]
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