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How do you identify meteorites?

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    Following on from a couple of recent topics on meteors and fireballs got me thinking. how do you tell the difference between ordinary stones/rocks and meteors?


    (Sorry if this is the wrong area to post)
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    meteor in the sky, meteorite on the ground

    burned melted or hi iron content [ lots are found with metal detectors]
    chemical content of meteorites differs from normal earth rocks
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    TFM, many (I believe most, in fact) identified meteorites come from Antarctica. It's not because meteorites have a preference for landing there, it's because if you find a rock on top of two miles of ice, you're pretty sure it came from the sky. That's not so obvious if it lands in a more temperate region among terrestrial rocks, where it takes an expert to tell - particularly if nobody saw it fall.
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    Thanks everyone. now you mention it, I do think I recall somewhere about meteorites being mainly found in Antartica. So the 'best' hope (other then a trip to Antartica) is to use a metal detector, and looks like it has been burned/scorched marks.

    Thanks again,

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