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How fast does a hydraulic machine work?

  1. Jun 15, 2007 #1
    How fast does a hydraulic machine work? The model i am thinking of is a simple two-sided setup, where the surface areas of the two platforms are different and a tube connects them. In terms of movement of the two platforms, how fast can the machine work. I am just looking for an approximation, like can it be instantaneous or are hydraulic machines usually very slow-moving?
    Also, would the diameter of the tube connecting them (smaller than the diameter/surface area of either platform) affect the speed of the mechanism?
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    Robhlee, when I suggested that you have this moved to Engineering, I didn't mean for you to repost it. A mentor can relocate the complete thread for you.
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    In theory, the speed limiting factor of any hydraulic system is going to be the flow rate of the fluid. If you want a cylinder to extend at a certain rate, you need to have a flow rate that will fill that cylinder's volume as it is extending that fast. So to answer your question about the tube size having an effect, I would say that it depends. You need to create enough pressure in the system to provide the flow you need. If you have a very small tube, you need a pretty high pressure.

    Your other questions are pretty vague. They are difficult, if not impossible to answer. Can you be more precise with what you want to know?
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    how can i show a picture on this forum (w/o creating a new topic) ?
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    You have to add it as an attachment. When you post, look for the "Go Advanced" button. When you press that a new post dialog will come up. One of the options below that is to "Manage Attachments." Use that to attach a picture or any other file that is on the list of approved attachments.
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