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How increase in evaporator increases Refrigeration effect?

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    It appears very non intuitive to me seeing TS diagram of vapour compression system; Area under the curve increases. But how seriously how higher evaporator temperature will lead to higher refrigeration effect. Refrigeration effect means lower temperature.
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    Put 'refrigeration effect' in search and you get this ....."Net Refrigeration Effect is. "the quantity of heat that each pound of refrigerant absorbs from the refrigerated space to produce useful cooling"."

    Refrigeration effect is a measure of how efficient the refrigerator is (in it's use of fluid), not how cold it gets.
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    Just see the TS diagram of say taking R134a refrigerant. I am not getting it :( please help
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    The issue is that you are arguing against a definition. The definition is as @oz93666 said.
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