What is Evaporator: Definition and 23 Discussions

An evaporator is a device in a process used to turn the liquid form of a chemical substance such as water into its gaseous-form/vapor. The liquid is evaporated, or vaporized, into a gas form of the targeted substance in that process.

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  1. S

    Why does decreasing evaporator airflow impact an air conditioner's performance?

    The other day I read on a website that a lower evaporator airflow causes lower low pressure side saturation temperatures and higher delta T on an air-conditioner. Now I think I know why a lower evaporator airflow would cause a high delta T. If there is less air moving over the evaporator, the...
  2. V

    Mathematical Modeling of an evaporator for evaporating water

    I am trying to model an evaporator which evaporates water to steam in Matlab/simulink. Are there any governing equations i need to know and follow when modelling the evaporator mathematically? Please let me know.
  3. Naraneer

    Double Effect Evaporator

    Homework Statement A double effect forward feed evaporator is to concentrate a 12.5% solution of a certain chemical compound "YZ". The feed is to be at and is to be 120 F of such an amount as to contain 6250 "YZ" per hour. Saturated steam is available at 250 F (29.7 psi ). The accepted value of...
  4. Z

    What are the temperatures of the evaporator and condenser?

    Homework Statement By the data given below, Condenser Inlet Pressure (P1/kPa) 1164 Condenser Inlet Temperature (T1/K) 382.8 Condenser Outlet Pressure (P2/kPa) 1102 Condenser Outlet Temperature (T2/K) 297.2 Evaporator Inlet Pressure (P3/kPa) 290 Evaporator Inlet Temperature (T3/K) 259.5...
  5. G

    Calculation of heat created during compression

    Homework Statement Hello, I have a task to make a heat balance of the evaporator. To do this, I was told to carry a few smaller energy balances in different parts of the evaporator. One of the things I had to calculate was the heat generated during steam compression. -steam is entering...
  6. Ravi Singh choudhary

    How increase in evaporator increases Refrigeration effect?

    It appears very non intuitive to me seeing TS diagram of vapour compression system; Area under the curve increases. But how seriously how higher evaporator temperature will lead to higher refrigeration effect. Refrigeration effect means lower temperature.
  7. S

    Single Effect Evaporator Calculation

    Hi All. Please can someone help? I have a question regarding calculating heat load and required surface area for a single effect evaporator. Details: Solution Feed rate 1.1kg s-1 Solution feed concentration 8%, concentrated to 30% Feed solution at 60 degrees Celsius with Specific Heat Capacity...
  8. C

    Rotary evaporator contamination

    Homework Statement Before, I started to evaporate my solvent (butanol) by using rotary evaporator, I greased the ground glass joint holding my flask and bump trapper. Subsequently, I secured my flask sample and the trapper with Keck clip . Is there any possibility that my sample may have been...
  9. S

    Shell & Tube Falling Film Evaporator Nickel Tubes Collapsed

    An unfortunate incident happened at our triple effect caustic evaporator (32w.t% to 51w.t%). The third effect (highlighted red) where major steam (~12-13bar depending on flowrate) assisted evaporation take place, here for some reason Ni tubes get severely collapsed, while the plant was offline...
  10. David Gin

    Compressor Water Cooled Chiller Thermal Calculations

    Hi All, Is there a list of thermodynamics equations regarding the chiller process from condenser, evaporator, compressor to the regulator. Say I have chiller load at 90%, what set of equations could I use to determine the supply temperature of chill water and condenser supply temperature to...
  11. R

    Design of Vapour Compression Refrigeration Cycle

    Hi! For our class project, we have to design a system that freezes an amount of water as quick as possible. The refrigerant is R134a. The compressor is known. I don't really know how to get started here. How do I choose the evaporator pressure and the superheating, and equally the condensor...
  12. J

    Thermodynamics - evaporator condenser

    Hello - fundamental thermo question which is puzzling me... It concerns a multiple effect evaporator with condenser. Hot vapour is water, cooling medium is water. My question stems from the following: When the flow of cooling water to the condenser is increased, the pressure in the condenser...
  13. R

    Internal heat exchanger on Evaporator

    You can read just bold, or all for further info. :D The COP for a single stage vapour compression refrigerator increases with an increase in evaporating temperature. I would like to to know how it is achieved in reality with the use of an internal heat exch. on the evaporator. Can anyone...
  14. F

    Refrigeration - Work done by evaporator, condenser, expansion valve

    In vapor compression refrigeration, I know how to calculate the work done by the compressor (enthalpy at outlet - enthalpy at inlet), but I am lost on how to calculate the work done by the evaporator, condenser, and the expansion valve. For the evaporator and condenser, if I wish to have a...
  15. Z

    Manufacturing Process To Made Air Conditioner Evaporator

    Hi! I really want to know how evaporator is made. i mean it is impossible to made by casting process, but i also not sure. anyboby who involve in this industry can please help me
  16. B

    Calculate refrigerant temp inside evaporator based on exit temp and pressure

    Hi guys, I'm stuck on some thermodynamic calculations and I would really appreciate some help! I'm trying to calculate the refrigerant temperature inside of an evaporator (two-phase lumped parameter model) based on the exit temperature of the evaporator and the pressure. I've understood that...
  17. P

    Why does the refrigerant in an air-conditioner's evaporator become cold?

    I believe that when refrigerant in an air-conditioner's evaporator boils into gas, the pressure on the refrigerant goes down tremendously. I believe that the drop in pressure on the refrigerant when it becomes a gas causes the temperature of the refrigerant to drop. I believe this because I...
  18. T

    Archived Calculating Flow Rates in a Continuous Vacuum Evaporator

    Homework Statement I have attached a diagram, for this question, I am stuck on how to calculate the flow rate. there is 70kg/h of feed going into the evaporator, of which 11% is solids, so that's 7.7kg/h of solids, and so 62.3kg/h of liquid in the feed. so now how do I calculate the...
  19. T

    Evaporator machine but in the operations manual

    Hello, Could someone please give me an explanation using the following equation? I work this evaporator machine but in the operations manual there is this equation below.I would like to further my knowledge. Equation for Evaporation Q = U x A x DT Q = Energy Transfer (W) U = Heat...
  20. A

    Refrigeration - Fouling in the sizing evaporator and condenser

    Hey, I am trying to determine the importantance and difference of fouling in sizing the evaporator and condenser in a Refrigeration cycle? Thanks, Alexisonsmith
  21. H

    Discover the Essential Steps for Optimal Evaporator Design | Expert Tips

    please let me know about evaporator design steps
  22. P

    Heat exchanger capacity (condenser and evaporator)

    Window-type Aircon how to get this in an actual experiment? is it just (mass flow rate of the refrigerant X specific heat X Change in temp of the refrigerant) or (mass flow rate of the air passing thru the heat exchanger X specific heat X Change in temp of the air) or (mass flow rate of the...
  23. E

    Understand Evaporator Terms & Choose Right Compressor

    1.superheat Psig Saturated Temp Suction line temp superheat temp. 58 32 44 12 64 37 47 10 70 41 50 9 can some1 help me understand the ratings above.. Saturated temperature...