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How is Frequency related to Energy in a Wine Glass?

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    is there an equation that relates frequency to energy on a larger scale, relating to standing waves....

    what proves that as energy increases, so does frequency of a wave?
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    Quantum mechanics relates frequency to energy, but this strict relation is not present in classical physics. You can have low-energetic, high-frequency waves and high-energetic, low-frequency waves.
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    the reason that the frequency decreases in a wine glass as it is filled up with liquid is because it is using more energy to drag the water molecules with it, so the energy of the wave is decreasing, but so does frequency so they are directly related in this case?
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    when you talk about frequency of a wine glass, are you talking about a musical instrument like a glass organ? Acoustically you get a higher frquency when the glass has more water because the water reduces the glass area that can effectively vibrate to make the sound.
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