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How is horizontal range affected?

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    I have this question from my book I really don't understand what they are asking for;
    A spring loaded gun is aimed horizontally and is used to launch two kind of weight of balls with different initial speeds and gravitational accelerations. The Gun is fixed position above the floor. The balls are fired one at a time. How the horizontal range affected for each case? Note: M =2m, G=2g, and V=2v.

    Here is one of the questions:
    Use a ball whose mass is m, with the initial velocity V, and under gravitiational acceleration g.

    Result: (e.g. The ball hit the ground at R from the gun as shown above.)

    Reasons: (From which formulas you can derive the answer?)

    Don't really understand what velocity since V = 2v????
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    Welcome to PF!

    Hi splitline! Welcome to PF! :smile:

    They're asking how r relates to R … is it r = R, r = 2R, r = (√2)R, r = 4R, r = 8R, r = r/2, or what?

    So you have to find the formula for R in terms of V G and M, and see how it changes the result if V G and M are halved.
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    This may not be exactly relevant to your question but it might provide some insight. My high school physics teacher did an experiment for us with a tin can and a BB gun (probably totally politically incorrect these days to have a BB gun at school considering all the people who have been shot and killed by them lol) He hung the can from a string with a release mechanism that was tied to the trigger of the BB gun. The BB gun is bore sighted to the can. Theoretically no matter how far away the BB gun is from the can, the BB will hit the falling can as long as it retains some horizontal velocity to reach the can.
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