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How is science structured in anglophone countries?

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    i have a problem and it would be nice, if you could help me. :redface: :smile:
    As you know, I am creating an accompanying homepage for the diploma course in physics and mathematics. Among other things, I want a huge structured linklist to english material. (lecture notes etc.) I know how the structure is in Germany, but now googel proofed me, that in english material it must have another structure and other names for the parts of study, than in Germany. So this is are the questions:

    1.) How is the study in physics and math structured in english material? How is it termed? I translated the terms I know and didn't find much, so it must be termed different in english.

    2.) Do you know advisable links to lecture notes and material in english?

    Thank you :)
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    Thank you. That looks really good. I will chekt it :smile:

    I have got a second question:

    Which are good anglophone sites in the web for current research and articles in physics? Something like http://www.dpg-physik.de/index.html" [Broken], just in english :smile:


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    This is nice. Thanks.

    I need more sites. Does anybody know some good ones?

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    Actually, that isn't a valid "categorization" of physics. It is simply the way ArXiv arranges the categories. This is because it is missing the largest section of physics - condensed matter/material science.

    I would recommend looking at the American Physical Society webpage and look at all the division under the APS. Or simply look at the various section in Phys. Rev. Lett. Even Europeans publish in such journals, so it isn't something only relevant to "anglophones".

    {anyone else find this rather strange?}

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    thx. I will search after this Keywords

    I know al lot of journals and Newsletters but they are all from Germany and in German of course.

    This here, my joining in this forum and my first search after material are the first steps in the english web I ever made. So I don't know them. Everything I know is from Germany and I want build my website in english ;)
    I am open for new, but it is difficult.

    Why do you think it is strange?

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    George Jones

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    I have never this page before, and first it seemed very puzzling, but looking at the arXiv main page


    clears up the mystery.

    On the main page, "Physics" is a catch-all category for all the stuff that doesn't fall under one of the main categories. The page in this tread is the subdivision of this catch-all "Physics" category.

    Still somewhat arbitrary, but also somewhat understandable.
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    Now, I have got enough links to english news :)
    I found them by the help of a very competent user. Thanks again.

    I will post it here, to complete the list.

    American Physical Society

    Science Daily

    American Institute of Physics

    Physics Today


    Physics and Astronomy News


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