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How is the universe expanding?

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    I was wondering because of my personal theories what others thought of the universe expantion.

    please help
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    Cosmology is an entire field devoted to this and other related phenomena. Have you read up on the current standard model? If not I would hit up wikipedia or other online sites and grab a book on it from a local bookstore or from online.

    But just about the expansion of space, see here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Metric_expansion_of_space
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    I've heard of this before, but I believe a rotating universe does not match observations. I'm not real sure about it.
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    No, if it were rotating, the effect would not produce identical results in all directions, thus violating isotropy, which is well established.

    Wildwill, based on this and another post of yours I have to say that it seems that you are just throwing out random ideas with no basis in science. Please read up on real science ... there's a lot of fascinating stuff there and once you've got some basics under your belt you'll be able to ask more meaningful questions.
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