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How Strct do you follow your religion?

  1. Flat earth society

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  2. Pray a day

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  3. I go and worship enery week like regular people of my faith

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  4. "Worship god? I'll do it this afternoon."

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  5. Pshhh religion? I am far too lazy to beilive

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  1. May 1, 2003 #1
    How Strict do you follow your religion?

    Need I say more?
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  3. May 2, 2003 #2
    It's kind of hard for me to answer that question. My religion is unique. I formed my beliefs after studying (not very carefully, but enough to get the general idea) a few different religions. I feel it is unneccessary to migrate to a central area like a church or temple of some sort to worship whatever/whomever it is you worship. Meditation on such things should be done whenever you feel like it, not just on friday evenings/all day saturday like in judaism or on sunday mornings like in christianity. I believe it should be done as little or as often as you feel it must, as is taught in the wiccan tradition. There can still be special holidays commemorating different occaisions on designated days, but the majority of worship should be whenever you please. I believe there may be some form of a god, or an omnipotent being of one form or another which existed in the 10 dimensions hypothesized by the superstring theory before the big bang. The proper conditions were put forth and this being caused the big bang, not just the creation of the earth and all it's occupants, and is currently watching our universe's development from within one of the higher 6 dimensions. This may also be why we cannot perceive the concept of god in it's entirety. We cannot fully conceptualize what the 4th dimension would look like let alone the 10th, so if this being exists in one of the higher dimensions, we cannot see it due to our miniscule brain power, and slow evolution. Maybe this post belongs in the one about my beliefs in god, but i felt like posting it here because no one else has posted yet.

    Those are the basics of my beliefs, I hope I didnt offend anyone with them.
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    Don't bother me none. One of the more reasonable beliefs I've seen. Still got some unprovable concepts, but so does not believing.

    Anyhow, while I am a nonbeliever, I've had some thoughts on this subject. I think a vast majority of worshippers, which I think you'll not find here, do not actually know anything about there religion. I think that if they knew more about there religion, there would be less religous people in the world.

    You see, when you go to church, the manner in which you are preached to is almost sublimnal. You'll often catch preachers saying something, then going of in left field, then rewording there original statement several times. Its a mind game.

    And people go to church, most of them, because their parents go. They get hooked by the preaching, confused, tie there confusion with the mighty power of god and feel saved for another seven days in case they die. Basically, people go to church as a form of insurance.

    When you get right down to it, nobody can physicaly prove heaven, hell, etc. While people who appear strong in there faith, they are terrified of the fact that this might just be it. You'll never admit it though, for the years of confusing preaching has given you enough words to remember that you can attempt to mystify others with your confusion. Sometimes it works, but I think we've reached a time where it will not.

    and when I say you, I'm referring to the average, uneducated about there religion church goer. Not any particular person here.

    I did not vote, so I shouldn't throw your poll off.
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