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How to deal with very active component?

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    Hi there!

    I used a horizontal furnace under hydrogen (reductive gas) and nitrogen (protective gas) to reduce some kind of lanthanum nickel oxide. After reduction and air-cooling, I took the sample out of the furnace. The sample started to flame and been oxidized. There was no time to move the sample into glove box or somewhere to protect from oxygen.

    Are there any ways to protect my sample from expose to air?
    And ways for storage?

    Thanks a million!!
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    One would have to do it in a vacuum, or protective inert gas such as argon.

    Either one purges the furnace with Argon and let it cool to room temp, or one needs a side chamber filled with Ar to allow the specimen to cool out of air.

    Most furnaces that must be online continuously have a cool zone to allow the charge to cool. I've seen vacuum furnaces and reduction furnaces (cracked ammonia). I have also see furnaces with Ar atmosphere, but they must be purged with Ar to drive out the air. Usually a Ti-getter is placed in the furnace to react with any oxygen remaining.
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