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How to ergonomically look at book while programming?

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    When programming, we often look at book for documentation of the code. Therefore, we are constantly referring to the book while typing. But how could this be done ergonomically while typing? Where do we place the book so that it doesn't strain the neck or back to look from computer screen to book and back to screen? What do you do?
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    Learn to touch type so you don't have to look at the screen all the time, just focus on the book
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    :DD hahaha e-books please.
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    Book holder
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    Dual monitors and an Ebook reader are an amazing thing :)
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    Where do you place the book holder : next to you or behind the laptop screen with the bookholder elevated or something else?
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    I can type at 100 words per minute. but i mean even if i could type without looking at the screen, i would still have to twist my body to look at book while typing. This is not ergonomical
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    You can hang it e.g on the wall just behind and a little above your laptop screen such that you only need to move your eyes up and down while typing. I think this is neat. :nb)
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    not all books are available in ebook format. Also, sometimes i can get the book way cheaper in hard copy
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    I put written material just to the left of the computer and do not find it necessary to turn my head more than a little and I certainly don't have to turn my body.
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    I agree with a user that said to get dual monitors and just open the book in one of them. This is useful specially with programming books.. Getting a second-monitor is a great use of one's money.
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    Programming books typically provide their code online for free, so you shouldn't have to type code from a book directly. Look in the book for the URL (or maybe there is a CD in the back--old school).

    I once had the unpleasant duty to bust two students for cheating because they had copied a large amount of code verbatim from a book, claimed it as their own work, and didn't give the code author any credit. Terms of the assignment were to allow use of other people's code IF credit was given. They didn't, and I recognized the code.

    In the line of my work (as a programmer), I've seldom had to type in more than a few lines directly from a book, so this request did cause me to raise my eyebrows. A quick and dirty solution is to copy the pages and stick the paper copies into a paper holder next to the screen, something like this: https://www.amazon.com/Page-Up-Colo...8&qid=1424883465&sr=8-5&keywords=paper+holder
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    Or really old-school, a floppy, either 5 1/4" or 3 1/2". I have a few books with floppies of either type in them.
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