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How to find beam spring stiffness coefficient?

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    The problem is attached.
    2015-09-13 22.58.08.jpg
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    I think you can solve it generally using the relationships:
    Ktotal =F/Δtotal
    Δtotal = ½(Δ1 + Δ2)

    assuming the mass is located at mid-span.
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    The statement "If K1 = K2, Ktotal = K1 + K2" implies that there is no flexibility in the beam. The post title suggest that you want the stiffness to reflect the stiffness of the beam as well. Which is it?
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    I'll disagree on this. The parallel springs formula assumes that both springs displace the same. Here, however, the springs will displace differently to maintain equilibrium. Therefore, a unique formula needs to be derived.
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