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How to find the date of creation of uploaded images?

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    If i had uploaded an image in a website (and if i don't have the image right now in my PC), is there a way to find the date of creation of the uploaded image?
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    Download the image to your PC.

    If it is an original pic from a camera it will have image properties that tell you TONS about the image including the creation date, but some image manipulation programs trash some or all of this info. The image properties can be read by windows itself (just right click on the file and select "properties") or by any image manipulation software.

    The server MAY have software installed that would allow it to get at the properties of an image file directly on the server, but I think you'd have to know what that software is on your particular server and how to access it and it's possible that permissions would be required that you do not have unless it is YOUR server or a VPN.
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    The buzzword for what phinds is talking about is EXIF data. The original camera image will probably contain everything you could possibly want to know, but of course there is no way to tell if the original time and date were correct (some people never figure out how to set the clocks on their digital cameras!) and the data might have been edited or deleted later.
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    The metadata in the image file can even contain an embarrassing thumbnail of the entire image from which it was cropped :blushing: ...

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    Ok ,so there is no way to know the exact date if the date in the digital camera was not set at the time when the photo was taken.
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    Not unless you made a note of it yourself when you took the pic :p
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