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How to find the torque, power and shear stress in this case

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    Here is the sketch of the tv mount. http://1drv.ms/1G4yW6W
    The known values to me are the diameter of the rod (6mm), the length of the rod (600mm), the mass of the TV= 8.7kg and that the tv is supposed to move 600mm in 5 secs. Is there any information that I am missing in order to calculate the torque, power and the shear stress? Can anyone please help me with this problem. Any help would be greatly appreciated.:)
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    Are you planning to run the servo motors open loop, or do you intend to have feedback of some sort? Open loop does not strike me as a great idea, but if you have a control loop, that loop will establish your velocity and acceleration patterns. These in turn will define the power and torque required.
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    jack action

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    You need to know the friction coefficient of the different components (screws & bearings). Friction forces will probably play a major role in the torque required.
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