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How to get rid of this silly life?

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    i have no hope and reASON TO CONTINUE MY LIFE. its been for years that nothinss really made me happy. im feeling like im breaking inside. sometimes i think of ways to kill myself. i think my exictance is just a pain and sadness for my family.:frown:
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    don't talk to us, get in touch with a suicide help line or a psychologist.
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    God man, how old are you En_lizard? I really wanna slap you so badly and anyone thinks your way. keep positive well ya
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    Remove the silliness, keep the life.

    Where there is life, there is hope.

    Try to find or identify a purpose. Perhaps one can discuss purpose with one's parents - that's what parents are for.

    Also talk to someone or a counselor as Monique suggested.
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