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The feeling of what i'm doing i'm wasting my life

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    the feeling of "what i'm doing i'm wasting my life"

    hello, i'm 17 years old high school final year, it is summer it has been 3 months now since the start of the vacation and i've never left home once in these 3 months i'm not a recluse or anything, i actually would like to go out but the reason behind this is a bit complicated i'm not a good looking guy on the facial aesthetics side (can't change it sadly), so it was hard for me to socialize(yeah,pretty sure it's because of looks cause when i was a kid i had many friends and kids don't care about looks etc..) especially since in my area people really give me a noticeable bad attitude ,so i currently have no friends i just sit home browsing on my laptop /studying calculus, i got over my awkwardness and i don't have anymore suicidal thoughts thankfully , mentioning this again , the looks thing is Very noticeable this is a bit offtopic ish but i really liked a girl when i was 16 but she preferred another guy this happened twice, i lost hope after that and i don't bother with girls anymore.
    but the thing that's bugging me is a very special feeling that is a hybrid of anger and sadness, sometime i'm just sitting normally and this feeling hits me , it's like this , what the heck am i doing with my life?my life is pathetic?if i was born good looking i would've been happy right now?what if i work really hard and get a good future would that replace these 17 years ? am i going to stay lonely for the rest of my life?i don't know if someone would relate to this but i hope so
    PS:sorry for this wall of text , i just wanted to get these feelings out of my chest .;
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    Hey Andrax let me begin by informing you that we're the same age, but I'm a school year ahead of you. For a long time I wasn't happy with my physical appearance, primarily because I found myself to be too skinny to be suitable. While I had friends in school, I found myself alone outside of school. In the middle of my senior year I befriended another student and I began to hang out with his group of friends. I enjoyed being around those kids, and when prom came around he told me he wanted to introduce me to a friend of his. When I met her I thought she was out of my league and I had no chance. I was afraid to ask her and insecurity was getting the best of me. Yet when I finally asked her, she said yes. Very quickly I went from a loner to a guy with a solid group of friends and a girlfriend.

    My point here is that sometimes we judge ourselves a bit harshly. That being said, even if you don't have the greatest face (I have a large nose and a good number of scars on my face) that shouldn't stop you from living your life. It turns out there were a lot of fairly attractive females that were more than happy to be with me. I'm sure there are group of friends, and a female, waiting there for you somewhere in your future. Don't give up, but in the mean time take initiative. Working out can give you a nice boost as well. Have you considered that at all?

    If you ever feel lonely, depressed, or have a social question feel free to give me a PM anytime.
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    Being good looking is not required to have friends, much less leave your house. You should talk to your parents and perhaps a psychologist about this.
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