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How to make videos and a website

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    how to make videos and a website

    hi all
    i would like to make some videos for my website does anyone know any good software or any good ways to stream encode video for webstreaming downloading etc im also a little worried about people stealing my stuff too

    any help would be greatly apperciated thanks
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    It's difficult to prevent people from downloading video content, since video capture programs, similar to fraps, allow just about anything you see on the screen to be captured as an avi file on your computer.

    Personally I don't worry about this, and I state it's OK for anyone to copy and repost any of my videos. All of the videos I create are windows movie videos, which allows them to be viewed while downloading, a convenience to the viewer. The "safest" method is to create flash videos, but even these can be downloaded and coverted.

    Fraps is also good for capturing video output while playing PC games if your system is fast enough.

    If you have a camcorder with a USB or 1394 (fire wire) interface, you can transfer videos to the computer fairly easily. Most camcorders include capture software for free, and you can use the free Windows Movie Maker to convert the large uncompressed avi files to reasonably sized windows movie files.

    If you have a Sony HC1 camcorder, you'll need a special capture program for the hi-def 1440x1080i (with 1.333 ratio pixels) format used.

    Personally I use Adobe Premiere Pro to make videos and Adobe Encore to make video dvd's. Premiere pro lets you make multi-view videos like these:


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    Download the flash 30-day trial from macrmedia to convert jpegs to loads of different movie formats.
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    Look for something that can convert avi to swf
    I think this would work
    http://www.swishzone.com/index.php?area=products&product=video [Broken]
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    Another good source for stuff related to videos and dvds is:

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