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    If there is a way to save a copy of the streamed *wav files of lectures in, it would useful to explain how to do it in the thread about that site in the learning materials section. I'd particularly like to know how to save them from a Linux computer.

    Edit: In my browser the option of right clicking on the file instead of left clicking works to save it. But suppose you impetuously start streaming a video and 20 minutes into it you decide you want to save it. Is there a way? In Linux, the Youtube videos create a file in the /tmp directory. If you pause the play and let the download complete, you can copy that file from /tmp and save it somewhere.

    A related question. Does anyone know how permanent the link is likely to be. When I goto the homepage of, I don't see any obvious way to navigate to the course lectures. Is there a way?
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  3. So you know you can right click and save it or you can wait for it to download to the temp file, what more do you want to know? What more is there to tell you? You've answered your own question.

    If you're 20 minutes in, you still have to right click and save it or go to the temp files. Either way it has to download the full thing.
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