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How to solve this inverse trigonometry question

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    1. The problem statement, all variables and given/known data


    2. The attempt at a solution

    take tan on both sides
    2x/(1-x2) =sqrt(3)
    quadratic equation so it should have 2 solutions(sqrt(3) and sqrt(1/3)).But this question has four solution.. Where am i missing solutions. Can you please help me to figure out the error..
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    According to Wolframalpha, there are two solutions, 1/√3 and -√3. How do you know that there are four solutions?
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    How did you get from the first line to the second?
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    cot-1(a/b) = tan-1(b/a)

    I.e.: cot(x) = 1/tan(x)
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    Thanks for link.
    There are more two answers in book that's why i ask. But now they will be marked as wrong.
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    Ah right, missed that. Thanks.
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