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How to study 12+ hours per day without hurting your

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    This is a serious question, even though it may sound funny: How do you study 12+ hours per day without hurting your bum? I have a nice office chair, well-padded, yet my bum hurts from my 12+ hour daily studying (literally sitting on the chair for 12 hours per day). Anyone else go through this and how do you cope with it? I need to study 12+ hours per day (it's like food to me, seriously).
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    Instead of studying 12+ hours a day, do the following:
    1.) Get outside
    2.) Make some friends
    3.) Get some exercise.

    All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.
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    I would suggest you get up and walk around for 15 minutes every hour.

    Don't let it hurt your social life. At least a World of Warcraft player talks to a real life human being on the other side of the internet when he/she plays.
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    I admire your ability to stydy 12 hours staight and not fall asleep.

    I have never gone so long, but the trick is do not sit for 12 hours straight. At the very least, move around a little. Study laying on your bed or a couch. Take a walk every now and then, it will wake you up. That was the politically correct version...

    ...But really the truth is, you get used to it. :)
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    We'll I eat dinner between by 12 hour study period, that's my 15 minutes break, yet my bum still hurts. As for a social life, my best friends are my textbooks. Socializing with so-called "friends" have gotten me nowhere in the past.

    So everyone is saying that the only solution to my problem is to cut down on my studying time??? My brain only gets tired after 12 hours, and if I don't study during those 12 hours (which I really love doing), I feel I'm wasting precious time. I'm being serious here.
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    I'm being serious too. Sometimes friends and family are more important than career and academics, which practically everyone can agree upon.
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    Have three different chairs with different cushioning and change every 2 hours or so. That works for me (although I never did 12 hours stretch)
    If you love reading so much, can you pick up some new reading topics ( arts,sport,...) and leverage your love for reading into going to a new area where you will enjoy life more.
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    Go out and make some friends!!
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    Not me. I stayed home all Christmas day instead of being with family in order to get 12 precious hours of studying.
    Ok, that's the most relevant answer so far (to my original question). I never thought of that actually. I just might try it. I'm glad to know someone else has had this problem too. Is there a special name for the type of chair I'm looking for (one that is guaranteed to never hurt your bum?). Once I know the name for that type of chair, I can simply do a google search. My bum is hurting right now as I type. Thanks.
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    You can Google ergonomic chairs. Or "bum-friendly chais" (just kidding)
    I would just experiment with hard wood chair / your existing chair / find another chair nearby,...It does not have to ne so methodical
    Do not forget the second paragraph in my original responce
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    Do you have Asperger's?
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    I know reading this stuff and becoming quite intelligent is very valorising. You don't have to deal with books like you do with people. IMO books are much better for you than a night drinking/doing drugs with friends. The books will not get you in trouble.

    If you are not into folks, I suggest you pick up music. If only you knew how much it helps my thinking. Physicist and mathematicians tend to make great musicians.

    Again, I admire your commitment. I wish I could study 12 hours straight.

    However, putting all your eggs in one basket is not great either. Every day people realise that there are of people smarter than they are. Sounds funny, but many cannot deal with this fact. Some very intelligent people sometimes find problems or subjects that they find very difficult. If they do not meet their standards, should they study more? Too many people have gone nuts over the last two things.

    If the above paragraph is not true, ignore it.
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    How old are you mathboy?
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    A person's self-worth shouldn't be based on how intelligent they are. People have personalities and emotional bonds with other people, they are not simply machines for absorbing information.
  16. Jan 4, 2008 #15
    I'm a 1st year university student (with no disabilities), just trying to get ahead in math because I feel that my past socializing and dating (yes, I used to do that) has amounted to nothing but useless memories. I'm I gifted? No, just above average. But most of all, I enjoy studying math passionately (much more than the social interactions in my past). What I don't enjoy, however, is the soreness of my bum.
  17. Jan 4, 2008 #16
    Ahummm... Humans are a social species by nature. You can't neglect all social activity; it's not healthy.
  18. Jan 4, 2008 #17
    Making friends and building your network is as imporant as studying math. Studying anything for 12 hours a day is not normal. There is no such thing as 'useless memories', btw. No social network means you are making it very hard to go anywhere in life later on.
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    At risk of feeding the troll...

    have you tried standing up?
  20. Jan 4, 2008 #19
    Does your neck get sore or just your bum?
  21. Jan 4, 2008 #20
    I agree. And just sitting down 12+ hours a day isn't healthy either. If you love math so much, why not join an academic math club at your school? You know there are people out there that may share your interest similar to your commitment. Have you tried going out to the school's library to study? Don't limit yourself to just in your room.

    Don't abandon all your memories of a social life. Networking is a great way to get jobs and interviewing skills are vital. If you cannot socialize with a simple person, you won't get far in life, no matter how much knowledge you have.
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