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How to use Logic gate in Breadboard circuit?

  1. Sep 24, 2015 #1
    I am a High school student, I have read about Logic gates but when it comes to practical use I am confused. I am building a small project where I want to use OR and AND gate, but I don't know In which form they are available in the market, how to connect them on breadboard and how to power them, are they look like capacitor or resistor with 3 legs? Please guide me, it will be better if you tell me about how to use them or I will search this.
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    Logic gates comes in ICs and one IC generally have multiple Logic gates of same type. And that IC have Pins for power & Ground and Inputs & output. Take a look at below tutorials, they have a video demonstration of concept:
    Select the Gate which you want to understand. Other than this check the links in above comments, they are helpful too.
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