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Calculators HP 50g Calculator [2 Quick Questions]

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    I've been using my calculator to graph a few functions.

    When I go the plot function menu and add a new function at this point [Y7(X)=] will appear.

    If I press [Choos] I will be able to select previous functions that I have entered and graphed.

    I want to erase these functions, so that when I enter a new function it will be at [Y1(X)=]

    I don't want to have to hard reset either as it takes some time to set up the computer back to my specifications, with flags and all.

    Pressing [Erase] at the plot - function menu has no effect.

    Pressing [DEL] will remove the function, but it is still in the calculator memory as I can recall it with [Choos]

    I want them wiped clean so I can start from [Y1(X)=]

    How can I do this ?
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    The beauty of the stack operating system used by the 50G (in RPN mode) is that you can very quickly plot a function (or list of functions) directly from the stack, entirely avoiding the tedium of having to use the "Y=" window. Here's how...
    With your function (or list of functions) on level 1 of the stack, open the Calc menu (white shift 4) and select the "GRAPH", then "PLOT" softkeys (or choose boxes if that's the option you're using). The plot setup window will open, with your function(s) already in the "EQ" field.
    Also, it's not necessary to preface your function with Y= .
    Best Regards, Hal
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    When you create functions, they are stored in memory. For example, if you have Y1(X), then the calculator stores the formula in a variable called Y1. Thus any new equation can be reused later on -- the calculator searches all variables that may qualify as a function when you use the [CHOOS] menu option.

    You can find this variable (along with Y2, Y3, etc.) in the FILES application (press [left-shift] [APPS]). Find the variable name (its type will either be PROG for program, or ALG for algebraic) and delete it.
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