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News Hypothetical Situation in regards to the election.

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    Here's my hypothetical situation:

    The economy continues on the upward trend it's going on but slows down a bit, jobs are being created at a moderate rate but nothing remarkable. Bush is giving some sort of adress or doing something which is highly televised and many are watching. Bill Clinton is there and at the end of it, as bush is walking off the stage, Clinton goes to shake Bush's hand. Bush grabs clintons hand and throws him to the ground. Bush then gets on top of clinton and starts punching him in the face, all of this is on national television. Wolfowitz challenges Bush for the presidential ticket in 2004 and gets it. Dean wins the democratic ticket.

    Who wins the presidency?

    Sorry about the randomness of this, I'm just bored.
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    Between Wolfowitz and Dean? Never mind the lurid prelims. Dean would take it in a walk. Wolfowitz is JEWISH and voters have not shaken off all their predjudices yet. Same if Rice got the GOP nomination.
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    A Bush run with Rice as the VP would make for interesting things.
    The democrats historically rely on the black vote, but I feel Rice would ruin that. Then Rice Vs. Hillary in 2008
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    I'm not sure thats as big an issue as you think. I don't think it hurt Lieberman. And Gore thought it would hurt him, he wouldn't have picked him as a running mate.
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    They throw out the electoral college and have Vince McMahon set up a WWE Smackdown PPV for the presidency? Cage match with everyone involved in the ring, and Gary Coleman as ref? It's a tough call...Bush has stamina, from all the jogging and naps, Clinton is pretty beefy though, and Dean is a tenacious cuss...I figure Bush Sr. bribes the ref, Coleman smokes it all up in a jumbo blunt, and Wolfowitz hides under the ring until it is just a bruised but standing Bush...and then he hops out and clubs Bush down with a large book with no pictures(which we know is like Kryptonite to Bush...)
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    I voted for Gore-Lieberman, and I would vote for Lieberman if the Dems were to nominate him, which they won't.

    But I definitely think that Lieberman cost the ticket votes in the "red" states. Gore should have taken his home state of Tennessee. That he didn't may be ascribed to three things (weightings may vary)

    - His personality (and the GOP smears against him)

    - The NRA mounted a last minute campaign against him. Tenn is a strongly pro-gun state.

    - Lieberman.

    If he had taken Tennessee he would not only have won in the electoral college, but he would have gotten some 51-52% of the popular vote.
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