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Medical I am obsessed with logic and it makes me violent

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    Whenever I argue with people and they resort to logical fallacies, I get extremely frustrated and even violent. I have no problem accepting different opinions as long as they are defended in a logical way. What ticks me off specifically is logical errors, fallacies. I can't stand when logic (mathematical and philosophical logic) is violated. I lose control of myself and want to break something or attack the person I'm arguing with. I feel like the beauty of mathematics is attacked. I feel like the perfect world which is governed by mathematics is soiled by these fallacies.

    Have anyone experienced something similar? Do I have an illness?
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    I have a similar OCD over logic. It is more over certainty, and thus I try and reason deductively rather than inductively, assignment a probably in my conclusion. But even then, there is uncertainty with probabilistic statements. At first it was hard to accept, with tension headaches and feeling like vomit. Over time I told myself to stop worrying about it because there was nothing I could do to get 100% certainty.
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    We cannot diagnose you, but based on what you've said, you need to seek professional psychiatric help immediately.
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