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I dont quite understand the mathematica language. linear equations

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    how would i get it to solve linear equations and linear systems, especially in the form;

    my professor and i found out that it likes brackets "[tex] [ . . . ] [/tex]" and double equal signs "[tex] == [/tex]"

    i know its probably painfully obvious but any input would be tremendous!
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    Just use LinearSolve
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    that would be under the algebraic manipulation palette?

    so i would just type out [tex]y=\frac{5}{4}x-2[/tex] and press linear solve or do i have to type out;

    [tex]y=\frac{5}{4}x-2[/tex] and give a set like [tex]{x, 3, 4}[/tex] or something?
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    If your equation is that simple then you can use:

    Solve[y == 5/4 x - 2, x]

    LinearSolve is for solving large systems of linear equations in matrix form.
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    i put that in and i get this.

    {x -> (4 (2 + y))/5}

    its quite confusing.
  7. Sep 12, 2008 #6
    i put in "Solve[2x-y==0]" and i got:[tex]

    {{y \rightarrow 8}}[/tex]
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