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I know I'm not losing my mind

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    Ok, I know I'm not losing my mind. But I am in a discussion with other people in another forum. My theories are a little whacked compared to the norm. I know I saw the discovery channel and an eastern european scientist (i think czech) created some electromagnetic anti-gravity field or electrostatic antigravity field. No one has ever been able to recreate this as far as I know. Does ANYONE know the name of the scientist who was able to create this area of antigravity! So many people are going off on me saying it's impossible...i know i didn't dream this.
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    You may not be losing your mind as much as you're putting too much faith into the Discovery Channel.
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    Not sure, but there was once this guy name Hutchinson that claimed something along those lines. He was Canadian though.

    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hutchison_effect#Hutchison_effect [Broken]

    Personally I think it is a crackpot theory.

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    Take your science from the discovery channel with the same grain of salt that you would take with getting your news from the tabloids.
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    I hope it is not the Podkletnov effect, because that would put a quick end to this thread.

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    Andy Resnick

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    Most likely Podkletnov, and his 'experiments' were 'replicated' by Ning Li and Doug Torr.
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    Here's a professor who claims to have some data on mass fluctuations. Not sure if this is what your are looking for, but here's the link:

    http://physics.fullerton.edu/Woodward.html [Broken]
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