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Homework Help: I Need Help Immediatly

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    I Need Help Immediatly!!

    I have another stupid algebra story problem that is really hard for me and might be easy for others. If you come up with the answer please tell me, or give me clues on how to figure the problem out. The teacher is asking for an explanation to go with the answer to! DUE MONDAY!

    Big Jesse takes 2 steps for every 3 steps that Little Jesse takes. To bein walking, they each step forward on their right foot at exactly the same time. When will their left feet touch the ground at exactly the same time??
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    Come on, you can do this easily!

    You do not even need Algebra for that!

    Use a rules squared sheet of paper, start at the same line with little and big Jesse beside each other and:

    let little Jesse first take 2 squares with this right foot, then 2 with his left etc.
    let big Jesse first take 3 squares with his right foot, then 3 with his left etc.

    then you will see after how many steps their left feet touch the ground at the same time.

    With this sort of mathematics questions, if you do not see the number solution, always make a sketch!

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