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I need to find Lim (x->0) arcsin(2x)/arcsin(3x) by substitution

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    I need to find Lim (x->0) arcsin(2x)/arcsin(3x)

    I can do a substitution
    arcsin(2x) = y => 2x = sin(y)

    and get arcsin(sin(y)) for the nominator, which is equal to y.
    However, for the denominator i get arcsin(3/2 sin(y)) which I'm not sure what to do with.

    Am I on the right path?
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    Re: Limits

    Since arcsin(0)=0, you have a limit of the form 0/0...so why not use L'hopital's rule?
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    Re: Limits

    Well unfortunatelly i can't even tough i know it, because we haven't covered that part yet.
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